As a technical project, Steeple is producing a range of outputs and resources to support podcasting efforts throughout the UK. The latest information can always be found on our wiki, but as work is completed, content is transferred here.


The majority of the documented outputs can be found in the Project Report : Outputs and Outcomes section.

Audio and Video

A project about podcasting would be rather incomplete without some podcasts on the work. This section of resources links to the majority of our audio and video outputs from project activities, covering interviews with practictioners and technologists through training and learning materials and presentations.

You can view the index of audio and video resources here.


The majority of the presentations and dissemination events information can be found in the News and Events section.


This section contains information and links to our software based outputs. Two portal solutions, an aggregation demonstrator and the basis of the Ensemble engine, as well as some Podcast Producer workflows deployed in use.