Beyond Walls Conference (Oxford 2009)

Ben Hawkridge

Ben talks about technical considerations of podcasting based on the Open University's experiences.

Bjoern Hassler

Bjoern talks about incorporating podcasting into teaching.

Markus Ketterl

Markus talks about the work at Osnabrueck to develop a podcasting system and then determine how it is used.

Olaf Schulte

Olaf introduces the Opencast movement.

Panel Discussion

Here we have a panel discussion and Q&A with.Laura James, Paul Gehart Peter Robinson, Olaf Schutle, Lyn O'Brian & Peter Scott

Peter Robinson

Peter talks about Oxford experiences of joining iTunes U.

Peter Scott

Peter talks about the Open University's involvement in podcasting.

Podcasting People

An introduction to podcasting activies from various practitioners at the conference.

Tim Fernando

An Audio Only recording of Tim talking about the Erewhon project.