Audio and Video

This page will contain an index to all the audio and video outputs of the Steeple Project. These outputs are arranged into a series of topics/events.

Steeple Stakeholder Interview Series

The Open University have produced a number of interviews with Steeple community members regarding their experiences.

Open University Podcasting

The Open University have produced a series of podcasting highlighting their experiences with podcasting and the launch of their iTunes U site.

Steeple BR Workshop (July 2011)

Oxford hosted a one day workshop at Kellogg College, Oxford covering a wide range of topics and asking, What next for institutional AV?

Steeple BR Technical Workshop (November 2010)

UCL hosted a Benefits Relisation workshop in November 2010 for Steeple community members to meet and discuss their various technical problems and share knowledge. The following selection of videos are short presentations talking about the current state of affairs at a given institution.

The final video is a demonstration of the Matterhorn Basecamp server as hosted by Loughborough on behalf of the Steeple BR project. This is a quick overview of functionality and state of development.

About the Steeple Project (January 2010)

In January 2010 we made a small set of videos to help explain elements of the project and its findings in an easy to consume format.

Recorded Presentations

We have given many presentations over the course of this project, and where possible, we have attempted to record them either as video or audio. Below is a selection that don't appear in the other categories here.

Beyond Walls Conference (Oxford 2009)

2009's Beyond Conference, hosted annually at Oxford, was titled Beyond Walls and about Podcasting within UK HE. A range of speakers covered the gamut of topics from teaching and learning through to technical considerations.

Oxford's iTunes U Launch

When Oxford launched their iTunes U site in October 2008 there was a range of news stories and events to mark the occasion. Here is a small selection of audio and video.

Podcasting Conference (Oxford 2008)

Podcasting started to gain momentum in the UK around the time Oxford hosted an international conference on Podcasting at Wadham College, Oxford in July 2008. A range of speakers described the state of technologies and deployments at leading institutions from Europe and the USA. This also introduced the OpenCast movement to Europe and effectively became the OpenCast Europe conference.

Podcasting Tutorials from Oxford

The following videos are short screencast tutorials demonstrating practical aspects of podcasting for individuals. These are used as training aides at Oxford.