Open University Podcasts

These podcasts were produced by the Open University for the Steeple Project. They explore a wide range of podcasting activities including several interviews with various Steeple Community members highlighting the different approaches taken at various institutions.


10 Top Tips

10 Top Tips for Podcasting from the Open University.

High Resource Podcasting

The Open University talk about the policies and processes involved in high resource podcasting.

Open University on iTunes U

A look back on the Open University becoming involved in iTunes U.


The need for editorial control in podcasting

An audio podcast on the value of editorial processes for insitutional podcasting.

What is a podcast?

An audio podcast exploring how the term podcasting has changed its definition.

Be aware of Rights management

An audio podcast exploring Rights and related issues for podcasting.


Podcasting at Oxford: Overview

Peter Robinson, Melissa Highton and Simon Benjamin talk about Oxford's growth in podcasting.

Podcasting at Oxford: Low resource podcasting

Deborah Strictland talks about the Environmental Change Institutes' podcasting activities.

Podcasting at Cambridge: Range of products

Lucy Capewell and Björn Haßler talk about Cambridge's growth in podcasting.

Podcasting at Cambridge: New Steeple Portal

Aaron Zeckoski, Björn Haßler and Barney Brown talk about developing a portal system suitable for institutional presentation.

Podcasting at Coventry

Pete Woodbridge and John Chowdhury talks about Coventry's podcasting actitivities.

Podcasting at UCL

Jason Norton and Jeremy Speller talk about their experiences with the growth of podcasting at Univerisity College London.

UCL on iTunes U

Jason Norton, Jeremy Speller and Neil Martin recal their joining the iTunes U portal as one of the first european institutions to do so.

Cambridge on iTunes U

Björn Haßler and Lucy Capewell talk about Cambridge's role in iTunes U.

Coventry on iTunes U

Pete Woodbridge talks about his experiences with creating Coventry's space within the iTunes U portal.

Oxford on iTunes U

Melissa Highton and Peter Robinson share their experiences of setting up institutional podcasting at Oxford through the launch of the iTunes U portal.

Accessibility of podcasting

Björn Haßler shares some thoughts on the very wide area of accessibility with regard to podcasting.