July 2011 Workshop Videos

Oxford hosted a Benefits Relisation workshop in July 2011 for Steeple community members to meet and discuss their various technical problems and share knowledge.

Welcome and Steeple Resources

Part of Peter Robinson's recap of the history of Steeple and the resources available.

Marketing and Stakeholder buy-in

Katharine Lindsay answers 8 questions in 8 minutes on Marketing and Stakeholder engagement for projects.

Impact Evaluation Strategies

Carl Marshall recaps Oxford's work on the Listening for Impact project.

Emily Goodhand talks about Copyright in the digital age.

Introduction to JISC Digital

Zak Mensah introduces the JISC Digital service.

Podcasting at Trinity College, Dublin

Tom Hayes talks about recent podcasting activities at Trinity.

OpenCast Matterhorn Overview

Tobias Wunden talks about the OpenCast Matterhorn project.

SURFnet MediaMosa Overview

Frans Ward talks about SURFnet's MediaModa platform.

HTML5 Primer

Pat Lockley does a live demonstration of some of the new features brought in by HTML 5.

Plucking IT out of thin air

John Ireland gives a primer on IT service provision looking at In-house, Outsourcing and Cloud setups.