This page will contain an index to all the software outputs of the Steeple Project. The most comprehensive and up to date information can be found in the community wiki.

Cambridge Portal Software
As part of our podcast portals demonstrators the Cambridge Steeple team are developing a Java based solution.

Portal Site
Steeple Podcast Aggregation Demonstrator
There is a basic aggregation portal hosted by Steeple with podcasts automatically gathered from 4 institutions as an example of what can do done to bring this wealth of content into one location.

Aggregation Portal
Podcast Producer Workflows
These file packages represent some of the in production and demonstration setups in use with Podcast Producer as deployed at the University of Oxford.
Ensemble Middleware Engine
This software package, written by Scott Wilson at CETIS, based upon the Ensemble concept designed by the Steeple project, is a basic metadata aggregation and caching engine for use behind various portal solutions.
Oxford Portal Software
Oxford's portal solution is based on the open source Drupal system. Information about how to setup you your own portal using this methodolgy can be found here.